If you are looking for some relaxation in Lot, Copeyre offers lots of activities !



bike renting dordogne

We offer bike renting all along the Dordogne river.

kayak lot

Come and enjoy a kayak trip in the department of Lot.

canoe renting lot

With copeyre, you can rent canoes in Lot !

paddle renting lot

We offer paddle renting in the department of Lot, at the heart of the Dordogne Valley.

activities river dordogne

Copeyre offers plenty of activities to do on the river Dordogne !

landscape lot

Enjoy the beautiful landscapes in Lot with Copeyre !

family trip dordogne

Enjoy a trip in Dordogne with Copeyre's activities !

lot trip

Enjoy a trip in the department of Lot with Copeyre !

what to do on the river dordogne

Copeyre offers various kind of activities to do on the river Dordogne : canoe, kayak, paddle board or raft!

bike dordogne valley

Welcome to the Dordogne Valley ! With Copeyre, you can rent bike,rafts, canoes or even paddle boards !

canoe renting dordogne

Copeyre offers the canoe renting all along the river Dordogne with 14 nautical bases.

treyne castle

On your way, you will encounter the lovely Treyne Castle.

raft river dordogne

Are you looking for a family activity on the river Dordogne ? Renting a raft is the good option !