COPEYRE CANOË attaches great importance to making your online experience as interesting and enjoyable as possible. We have therefore listed the various points of our privacy policy.


Use of personal information 

COPEYRE CANOË complies with the principles of confidentiality as administered by the CNIL. Details of these principles are available on: CNIL.FR 

Any information submitted by you through the COPEYRE CANOË websites will be treated with the strictest confidentiality. In no case will your personal data be used without your consent. To do this, all forms on our websites transmitting information to a database that can be used in the future, e.g. Subscription lists, registration, etc. have check boxes in which you can specify your consent to receive or not receive information from us in the future. Forms used only to send emails, post messages etc., do not include this option but will never be used to send information. 

The only information that we automatically collect is that relating to the use of our website. This information is anonymous and gathered through the log files of our servers. These log files record generic information, such as the number of visits our website receives, the types of browsers used and the number of files downloaded, but never personal data. This log file data allows us to create better content targeting the preferences of our visitors. 

COPEYRE CANOË does not collect information that personally identifies individuals except when individuals voluntarily provide such specific information. Specific personal data may be requested on certain occasions so that an individual can access certain sections of the site or for their participation in certain programs. For example, registration may require participation in an online forum or contest. This type of registration helps us to ensure that the content standards are rigorously respected or that the winners can be contacted. In all these cases, COPEYRE CANOË will only collect information provided voluntarily by the user and will ensure that this information is kept strictly confidential. COPEYRE CANOË however reserves the right to carry out statistical analyzes based on the information provided in order to improve our products or to gather marketing information. Only the overall data of these analyzes and not the individual data, will be used for this purpose. 

All products and all studies, reports, analyzes and other data, information or content created in their entirety or partially using data will be and will remain the exclusive property of COPEYRE CANOË. No data will be returned to you. As proprietary information, COPEYRE CANOË intends to keep this data confidential. 

Use of cookies Some of our pages use a feature of your browser called a cookie. Cookies, by themselves, cannot extract personal data from you. This cookie automatically identifies your computer on our servers, but not you, when you visit our site. Unless you specifically specify it, COPEYRE CANOË will never know who you are, even if we may assign a cookie to your computer. Likewise, the COPEYRE CANOË website can only read cookies created by the COPEYRE CANOË website.Cookies allow us to personalize our site for you and provide you with information that meets your needs and desires. For example, once you register your product online, a cookie is placed on your computer so that you no longer need to enter this information in the future to obtain our assistance.

Contact us

COPEYRE CANOË knows how important your privacy is to you. We will be happy to receive your questions and comments regarding this policy, so do not hesitate to contact us at contact[@] Due to the rapid development of technologies on the internet, COPEYRE CANOË reserves the right to modify its declaration concerning personal data from time to time. Legal information is available in the COPEYRE CANOË legal information declaration.

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