You can start your canoe trip in Gluges.



kayak river dordogne

Come and enjoy a kayak trip on the river Dordogne.

kayak dordogne valley

Come and enjoy a kayak trip in the Dordogne Valley !

cheap raft trip on the Dordogne

Copeyre offers the possibility to rent cheap raft and enjoy the Dordogne in a different way.

activities river dordogne

Copeyre offers plenty of activities to do on the river Dordogne !

bike renting dordogne

We offer bike renting all along the Dordogne river.

activities dordogne valley

Copeyre offers plenty of activities to do in the Dordogne Valley : canoe, raft, paddle board etc.

raft renting lot

Copeyre offers raft renting in Lot, between Copeyre and Souillac.

canoe renting lot

With copeyre, you can rent canoes in Lot !

bike dordogne valley

Welcome to the Dordogne Valley ! With Copeyre, you can rent bike,rafts, canoes or even paddle boards !

belcastel castle

On your way, you will see the nice Belcastle castle.